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Privacy and Copyright Policy

Uruguayan Chamber of Information Technologies

Cámara Uruguaya del Software (hereinafter "CUTI"), is the civil association that owns this website. It will only collect information containing personal data of users who give their consent to do so.

2. This "Privacy and Copyright Policy" describes how CUTI will treat the personal information and copyrighted material of those who access this site.

a. Protection of Personal Data

3. CUTI will treat the personal data provided by users of this site, only for the purpose and in the manner detailed in this document and in full accordance with the regulations of the Republic of Uruguay on Protection of Personal Data, in particular Law No. 18.331 and Decrees No. 664/008 of 22-12-008 and 414/009 of 31-8-009.

4. CUTI undertakes to use the personal data it receives, exclusively for the specific purposes for which the user provides them, not communicating them to third parties for commercial reasons. Without prejudice to this, it reserves the possibility of processing the personal data of users for use in the services of the Chamber or its partners, as well as to promote activities, events or products. In all cases in which the Chamber's partners have access to the data, the safeguarding of the confidentiality and security of the personal data will be guaranteed.

5. Personal data may be hosted on CUTI servers in Uruguay or abroad, as well as on third party servers. In all cases they will have an adequate level of protection because security is an important concern for CUTI.

6. The Privacy Policy is limited to the use that the user makes directly entering the website and does not guarantee the same result if accessed by redirecting to other sites.

7. This Privacy Policy sets forth the current practices with respect to the current state of the Site. Notwithstanding the foregoing, it may be altered if CUTI at its sole discretion decides to do so. In that case, CUTI will notify users as soon as possible the changes it makes.

8. CUTI has implemented security measures to prevent unauthorized third parties from accessing the data. This includes physical security measures and access only to persons who need to access the data for work reasons, which will be subject to confidentiality clauses and professional secrecy obligations, referred to in art. 302 of the Penal Code.

9. CUTI will make every effort to protect personal data provided by users of the site. However, in the event that there is a judicial or administrative order in this regard, CUTI may disclose some of the data in its possession.

10. The data collected will be incorporated into the Cuti database created for this purpose, which is duly registered (or in the process of registration) with the Regulatory Unit and Control of Personal Data (URCDP).

11. The Responsible for this database is CUTI, being able to exercise the rights of access, modification or deletion by contacting Av. Italia 6201, LATU, Edificio Los Sauces, Planta Alta, Montevideo, Uruguay or e-mail The user may also send, in the same way, any complaints or suggestions he/she deems appropriate. If you have questions or suggestions about this Privacy Policy of this website, please contact the above address or e-mail

b. Intellectual property of creations

12. All information and material that a user provides must be their own or have rights to do so. If applicable, users may only upload copyrightable creations to the site if they have rights to them. If you do not have such rights or they are not sufficient, refrain from uploading any material.

13. The trademark symbols, names or distinctive signs that are on the site, are owned by CUTI or it has rights to use. In no case may it be understood that any right over them is transferred to the user.

14. The user must refrain from using or reproducing any information or material protected by intellectual property that is on the site if it does not have an authorization from CUTI.

15. CUTI may store the material uploaded by users, copy, reproduce and share it only for the purpose of fulfilling its objectives.

16. The authorization referred to in the preceding paragraph includes the right by CUTI to the use of names, photos, activities and any type of material that is uploaded by users.

17. CUTI may conduct or sponsor contests, giveaways and similar promotions, accordingly, information collected in such promotions may include contact information and responses to survey questions.

18. CUTI may conduct or submit online surveys and this information will be used to improve the services provided.

19. CUTI does not in any way market user lists or individual user names to third parties and does not intend to do so in the future. It may only share personal information with its affiliates and employees or subcontractors subject to confidentiality obligations.

20. CUTI may keep track of connected IP addresses for the sole purpose of site administration and security. This includes monitoring site traffic to meet site growth planning.

c. Use of the Forums

21. As for the forums or similar that exist on the site, CUTI does not provide any warranty or is responsible in any way for the behavior of users. Its function is limited solely to provide access to the site to users and provide support and maintenance.

22 CUTI does not guarantee the continuous operation of the site or its error-free operation. Also, it will not make any backup of the information, communications and publications made, and will only keep the information it understands to be of interest.

23. Users exempt CUTI from any civil, commercial, labor, tax, criminal, administrative or any other type of liability arising from any eventuality that may arise based on the actions they take using the site, provided that CUTI does not act with malice.

CUTI may block a user's access to the site if it detects that it is making improper use of it, either by conducting illegal, irregular, fraudulent or tending to deceit.