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Key technology policy trends for 2021

The top ten trends that will drive major technology changes this year have been identified by the Access Partnership.
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According to the analysis conducted by the consulting firm, the year 2020 has been largely the demonstration of how the good use of technologies can drive solutions to big problems. Through the use of connectivity platforms, data analysis, the calculation of infection risks and even entertainment for households, technologies showed their ability to keep economies afloat.

However, it is reflected that technological solutions did not go far enough or fast enough to help everyone.

The report notes that following the resilience and recovery from Covid-19, businesses and governments will face some technology policy issues that, while many are familiar, many are new. In the wake of this Access Partnership presents its predictions for the top ten technology policy trends expected in 2021:


  • Covid-19 and Technology Policy: Driving Digital Transformation
  • 2021: The Super Year of Sustainability and Climate Policies
  • Commitments to social justice will be taken with sincerity.
  • U.S. embraces multilateralism as China redoubles its regime of technological ambitions
  • Frictionless data: escaping the gravity of regulation
  • Global anti-trust measures are gaining momentum
  • Changing the Intermediary Liability Regime Through the Digital Services Act and Section 230
  • E-commerce takes a leap into the future
  • Open Radio access networks go mainstream as 5G launches
  • Network Virtualization Scalability Drives a New Era of Telecom Frameworks
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