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Artificial Intelligence as a key to digital business success

The Global CIO 2020 report published by dynatrace, sheds light on the main challenges that CIOs and organizations are facing in the face of the accelerating digital transformation.
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The report was based on a survey of 700 CIOs in large enterprises with more than 1,000 employees. The sample included 200 respondents in the U.S., 100 in the U.K., France and Germany, and 50 each in Australia, Singapore, Brazil and Mexico.

Some of the key findings show that speed in digital transformation is imperative with 89% of CIOs stating that their digital transformation has accelerated in the last 12 months.

The report shows that hybrid, cloud-native environments are becoming fundamental to digital transformation, with 86% of organizations reporting that they use cloud-native technologies and platforms.

It is also mentioned that the use of manual approaches is becoming increasingly inadequate for IT teams, given the number of items in motion. 90% of organizations indicate that there are barriers that do not allow them to monitor a greater proportion of their applications.

According to the report, CIOs say that an effective way forward would be to find a way to reduce the number of tools and the amount of manual effort IT teams expend.

The report concludes that 93% of CIOs see AI becoming a critical tool to extend the capabilities of IT teams, efficiently deal with increasing workloads and deliver added value to the business.

For more information, you can request the full report at the following site: