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Local Impacts of Global Trends in the ICT Industry - ROUND ONE

This collaborative document provides a local and plural analysis of the implications of the main global trends for the development of the ICT sector in Uruguay and answers questions such as: what global trends have the greatest impact on the Uruguayan ICT industry; where should local IT companies direct their immediate efforts to develop solutions; what strategies should the national industry follow to expand ICT in different sectors of the economy; and what public policies should be promoted to achieve these objectives?
Reading time: 2 minutes

This is the First Round of a series of collaborative reflections to dissect global trends with a multi-sectorial and diverse view on the opportunities and challenges they define for the local ICT industry.

The study is based on an evaluation of the global trends presented in the document ''Top Trends And Emerging Technologies, Q3 2020'' by FORRESTER. by the consulting firm FORRESTER.

Two Uruguayan experts in ICT business consulting provide their specialized readings on the insights of this "trigger" report. In this first round, the national experts who reflected locally were Mario Tucci and Marcel Mordezki.

  • Mario holds a degree in Computer Systems from the University of the Republic in the 1980s. In the 90s and 2000s, he led some of the main consulting services of Novell and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) for Latin America. In 2010, he co-founded MVD Consulting, an organization with which he collaborated with strategy, coaching and process implementation for more than 75% of Uruguayan IT companies exporting to the United States. Currently, he channels all these experiences to Arion, a company that creates business results for its global clients by empathizing with them and leveraging digital tools in constant improvement. Believing in better communities, he has contributed to the construction and institutional development of organizations such as Endeavour, the Uruguayan Chamber of Information Technology and SingularityU. He also practices teaching and academic production at the University of Montevideo and the Faculty of Economics and Administration of the University of the Republic (Uruguay).
  • Marcel Mordezki is a mechanical industrial engineer, MBA and PhD candidate. He is Professor of Innovation and Technological Management at ORT Uruguay University. Visiting professor at the Universities of San Andrés (Argentina), Politécnica de Madrid (Spain) and Sergio Arboleda (Colombia). He is managing director of Mordezki y Asociados ( He has developed an extensive consulting career in the Management of Technology discipline, supporting companies and entrepreneurs from Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Spain, Costa Rica, Colombia, among others, in different processes such as Innovation, Internationalization, Globalization, Financing, Search for Venture Capital, Mergers and Acquisitions, Regional and International Accelerators, Mentoring, Coaching and Strategy.

This First Round will move on to future iterations, with new experts from different backgrounds and fields of expertise, which will lead to further expansion and deepening of the Living Document.

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